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Commercial Roofing Company

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Commercial buildings count a great amount on their roofing. When you require any commercial roofing service whatsoever, make sure to trust the nearby leaders at Quality Exteriors, Inc.. Our roofing offerings are meant to help building proprietors realize the optimized capabilities of their commercial roofing. We have in excess of 40 years experience as roofing professionals, and do unbeatable work on every job.

Should you require service, repair, install, restoration, or replacement, make sure to choose our team of professionals. For matchless work across all of your roof’s requirements, you can count upon our team’s expansive knowledge. If only the best will do for your commercial roof, make certain to select the top commercial roofing company in Hawley, MN: Quality Exteriors, Inc.. You can get in touch with our team today at (651) 796-2341 to set up work or submit any questions.

Restoration vs. Replacement

Commercial Roofing Company

Restoration Can Provide Your Commercial Roof with an Additional 10 Years of Life.

For any roof material you pick, you will eventually need to deal with the issue of restoration versus replacement. Once upon a time, roofing replacement represented the only choice if a roofing system became worn down or too aged to do its function. Today, though, more commercial building proprietors go with restoration instead. Minor damaged areas and leaks get resolved with roofing restoration, which prolongs the service of a roof by about a decade. For certain roofing systems, restoration represents a less expensive and wasteful strategy for a troublesome roofing system. Unfortunately, roofing systems that were extremely damaged will just be appropriate for replacement.|Regrettably, a roof that has been too damaged won’t qualify for restoration.|Restoration, unfortunately, can’t suffice on a roofing system that has become excessively compromised.|When you wait too long or allow your roof to become too compromised, however, it will not qualify for restoration.}

Acrylic, Silicone, Elastomeric, Foam & More

If your roof qualifies for restoration, then the proprietor must select a roof coat. Improvements to energy efficiency and the repair of minor damage stand as improvements you’ll get from every roofing coating. Certain roofing systems can gain even further improvements from coatings specifically formulated for their materials. We can absolutely help you select the appropriate coat for your roof to gain as many benefit as possible.

Commercial Roofing

Flat Roof Repair & Replacement

Our flat roofing services benefit from a vast amount of commercial roofing specialization. Many types of flat roofing materials will improve from our installation, restoration, replacement, or repair services. Modified bitumen, single ply membranes, and built up roofs all land under the umbrella of our offerings. We will also take care of the necessities of industrial buildings, hospitals, farm structures, houses of worship, and more.

  • Single Ply Roofing A single ply roof delivers cost-efficient protection and a range of special benefits.
  • Modified Bitumen This material supplies a high surface strength and heat-fastened seams.
  • Commercial Roof Repair For flat roofing service, look no further than us.
  • Built Up Roofing With 140 years of use around the world, built up roofing boasts an unparalleled history of service.
  • Cool Roofs A cool roofing system reduces the struggle of a structure’s air conditioner, and additionally guards the roofing from deterioration from the sun.
  • Green Roofing The surrounding environment gains a lot of benefits from a green roofing system.
  • Commercial Roof Consultant We will provide astute advice and the guarantee of a satisfactory project as commercial roofing consultants.
  • Industrial Roofing Contractor If you oversee an industrial facility, healthcare facility, church, office, or agricultural building, we are your leader for roofing services.
  • Commercial Roof Replacement To get the most from your replacement roofing system, trust us for service.

Commercial Roof Restoration

Commercial Roof Restoration

Restoration will save a good amount of money versus replacement. Small areas of damage, leaky areas, and ponding each stand as problem that a restoration will address. Thanks to this process, old and worn out roofing systems will provide service for another 10 years. You ought to never procrastinate with the necessity for restoration. As damages extend past a certain point, replacement becomes the only choice.

  • Silicone Roof Contractor As a natural product, silicone manufactures no harmful chemicals and supplies exceptional protection against leaks.
  • Acrylic Roof Contractor Acrylic coatings protect from grime build-up and permit for a selection between an assortment of hues.
  • Polyurea Roof Contractor Polyurea works on just about every variety of roofing material for top-tier defense.
  • Elastomeric Roof Contractor If you manage a large building that may gain advantages from a roof coating, an elastomeric coating will supply an economical selection.
  • Commercial Roof Restoration Roof restorative work provides a cheaper alternative to replacement.
  • Commercial Roof Washing We comprehensively clean a roof prior to installation of a roof coat. We additionally supply consistent washing services.
  • Commercial Foam Roofing Spray foam installs and cures rapidly for great defense.

Commercial Roof Coatings

Commercial Roof Coatings

For defense of an aged roof that applies directly on top, with no removal required, you should choose a roof coat. The quality composition of a roof coating can straightforwardly solve many issues on a flat roofing system, like punctures, tears, leaks, and ponding. The installation procedure of roofing coats enables you to avoid the monetary commitments associated with removal and disposal. Though 10 years is the limit for a roof coating, you may merely install an additional layer atop the first for further protection.

  • Flat Roof Coatings To prolong the life of a flat roof, consider the installation of a flat roof coat.
  • Metal Roof Coatings For the repair and correction of rust and corrosion, think about a metal roof coat.
  • Rubber Roof Coatings Roof coatings can supply rubber roofs with a host of perks, including an extended life.
  • Industrial Roof Coatings These coats are specially created to resist harm from dangers like airborne chemicals.
  • Urethane Modified Acrylic Urethane modified acrylic stands as a new standard of excellence in roof coatings.

Commercial Metal Roofing

Commercial Metal Roofing

A metal roofing system provides a range of advantages for commercial buildings. We stock a broad range of metals, including steel, aluminum, and corrugated metal. A standing seam metal roof permits for the complete defense of your building against leakage and rainfall damage. Metal roof coats supply even further features, such as rust resilience and a longer life.

  • Commercial Standing Seam Metal With varieties perfectly suited for flat and low-slope roofs, standing seam metal represents a superior choice for a commercial structure.
  • Commercial Steel Roofing If you require the durability of steel to guard your structure, pick a variety with an additional zinc coat.
  • Commercial Aluminum Aluminum resists the impact of rainfall and acid rain, and is extremely light.
  • Commercial Corrugated Metal Corrugated metal provides a quality option for the protection of large commercial areas.