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Commercial Roofing Company

As Your Local Commercial Roofing Company. We Can Handle Any Size Project.

Commercial roofing is a large investment into a company. If you necessitate any commercial roofing work whatsoever, be certain to select the nearby leaders at Quality Exteriors, Inc.. We work to protect our customers’ commercial roofing, and render exceptional work to help them experience the highest value of their roof system. For unbeatable service on each job, go with the team with 40 years experience.

Should you need maintenance and repair, or the installation, replacement, or restoration of a total commercial roofing system, we’re your company. Commercial roofs represent intricate systems, but we do unbeatable work time and again. If you want premier service from an exceptional commercial roofing company in Brockway, MN, be sure you contact Quality Exteriors, Inc.. For any inquiries or service needs, don’t hesitate to phone us at (651) 796-2341.

Restoration vs. Replacement

Commercial Roofing Company

Restoration Can Provide Your Commercial Roof with an Additional 10 Years of Life.

Restoration or replacement will finally stand as a choice for every roofing material. When a roof became too worn out to consistently fulfill its duties, replacement once represented the sole option. Building proprietors can today choose restoration as an alternate option, however. A restored roofing system will get its usefulness extended by 10 years, and small damages and leaks fully addressed. If compared to replacement, restoration necessitates much less waste and expenditure. Sadly, roofing systems that were extremely compromised can just be appropriate for replacement.|Sadly, a roof that has become too compromised won’t qualify for restoration.|Restoration, regrettably, can’t suffice on a roof that has become excessively damaged.|Should you wait too long or enable your roofing system to be too compromised, though, it will no longer won’t support restoration.}

Acrylic, Silicone, Elastomeric, Foam & More

For roofing that can qualify for a restoration, you have to choose a roofing coating. Benefits to reflectivity and the resolution of minor damage are benefits you will gain from any roof coat. Additionally, specific varieties present their own advantages, and are more or less suited for assorted varieties of roofs. If you are uncertain whether to pick an acrylic, polyurea, silicone, or elastomeric roof coat, or whether to choose a spray foam system, our team will help.

Commercial Roofing

Flat Roof Repair & Replacement

Our effectiveness as commercial roofers means we can offer first-rate work for your flat roofing system’s needs. We’re ready whenever to supply replacement, installation, repair, or restorative services for a flat roof. You should phone us for assistance with everything from single ply roofs, to modified bitumen and built up roofing. Our team can additionally serve as your answer for roof services on industrial buildings, churches, hospitals, and more.

  • Single Ply Roofing In addition to defense, a single ply roof will often count as a cool roofing system.
  • Modified Bitumen This material supplies a high material strength and heat-fastened seams.
  • Commercial Roof Repair For flat roofing maintenance, look no further than us.
  • Built Up Roofing Built up roofs are made of several layers of material, tar, and gravel for noteworthy protection.
  • Cool Roofs A cool roofing system decreases the struggle of a facility‚Äôs air conditioner, and also guards the roof from wear from the sun.
  • Green Roofing The environment gains a lot of positives from a green roof.
  • Commercial Roof Consultant If you want oversight on a roofing job, trust our team as commercial consultants.
  • Industrial Roofing Contractor Any variety of industrial roof, including those on agricultural buildings, places of worship, and hospitals, will benefit from our attention.
  • Commercial Roof Replacement To receive the utmost from your replacement roofing system, choose our team for service.

Commercial Roof Restoration

Commercial Roof Restoration

Restoration provides a significantly more economical substitute for replacement. If you have problems with leaky spots, ponding, or minor damage across your roofing system, then a restoration will offer a total solution. With restoration, you can prolong the life of a roof by 10 years. If your roof requires restoration, do not delay your service. The restorative process can yield zero positives if a roof has become extremely damaged.

  • Silicone Roof Contractor As an all-natural solution, silicone creates no harmful chemicals and provides exceptional defense from leakage.
  • Acrylic Roof Contractor An acrylic coat, which you can pick in a range of hues, provides exceptional reflectivity.
  • Polyurea Roof Contractor Polyurea sticks to just about every kind of roof material for first-rate protection.
  • Elastomeric Roof Contractor If you own a expansive facility that might benefit from a roof coat, an elastomeric coating can offer an economical selection.
  • Commercial Roof Restoration A commercial roofing restoration supplies great savings when held up against roofing replacement.
  • Commercial Roof Washing We comprehensively clean a roof prior to installation of a roofing coating. We furthermore provide consistent washing service.
  • Commercial Foam Roofing Spray foam roofing functions similar to a roof coat in its comprehensive protection of a roof.

Commercial Roof Coatings

Commercial Roof Coatings

For protection of an older roofing system that goes directly on top, with no disposal required, you can go with a roofing coating. Roof coats will solve several roofing issues, including leaks, tears, and ponding. The application procedure of roof coatings allows you to deflect the monetary commitments associated with tear-off and disposal. When the coating wears out after 10 years, you may merely install another to prolong the roof’s service for another decade.

  • Flat Roof Coatings To prolong the life of a flat roof, ponder the application of a flat roof coat.
  • Metal Roof Coatings If you possess a metal roof that has gone through rust, repair it through a metal roof coat.
  • Rubber Roof Coatings Roof coatings can endow rubber roofing systems with a number of perks, including an extended life.
  • Industrial Roof Coatings Industrial roof coats can provide additional defense against environmental threats.
  • Urethane Modified Acrylic A new product, urethane modified acrylic supplies improvements and enhancements over other roofing coatings.

Commercial Metal Roofing

Commercial Metal Roofing

Should you desire a roof material with an extended life and exceptional durability, think about a metal roofing system for your commercial structure. Our selection of materials means we will cater to the requirements of any roofing system. Standing seam metal locks at the seams to present water with a solid seal. For even greater value and extended service, pair your new metal roofing system with a roofing coat.

  • Commercial Standing Seam Metal A standing seam metal roof supplies unparalleled protection against rain and leakage.
  • Commercial Steel Roofing Steel offers exceptional durability, and Galvalume and galvanized choices provide resilience against the typical threat of rust.
  • Commercial Aluminum For a lightweight roof answer that repels damage from corrosion, you cannot beat aluminum.
  • Commercial Corrugated Metal If you necessitate to cover a large building with quality roofing, corrugated metal supplies an answer.