Industrial Roof Coatings

Industrial Roof Coatings

If Your Industrial Roof Has Seen Better Days, an Industrial Roof Coating Is an Affordable Answer.

The concept of a commercial structure can cover a wide range of different buildings, from office buildings to manufacturing facilities. For roofs on industrial structures, in particular, you need a roof that can stand up to serious punishment. Also, roof systems with a lot of vents and exhausts, such as those seen on industrial facilities, have many points of weakness. For those roofs, industrial roof coatings are needed to provide the necessary protection of the roof. At Quality Exteriors, Inc., we are your local experts for every need with an industrial roof.

As the years pass, even the most durable industrial roof will sustain damage and wear that you must eventually address. Industrial roofs can be restored when they begin to show signs of wear and tear, but they’ll still require specialized industrial roof materials. At Quality Exteriors, Inc., we offer professional services for industrial roof coatings in St Paul, MN and the surrounding areas. If your industrial roof needs repair and preservation, contact our crew today at (651) 796-2341!

Professionals for Industrial Roof Coatings

Industrial Roof Coatings

The Presence of HVAC Components and Rooftop Protrusions Creates a Need for Leak Protection.

Are you wondering why commercial roof coatings and industrial roof coatings are so different? Basically, a commercial roof system is less likely to confront as many hazards as an industrial roof system, so the roof coatings do not have to be quite as powerful. For this reason, industrial roof coatings are particularly resistant to inclement weather and chemical exposure.

The coating on an industrial roof will also have to closely seal around all of the seams created by the roof’s vents and HVAC components. These are all potential points for leaks, so complete adhesion around the seams is vital. Industrial roof coatings are capable of providing a superior level of protection, in addition to an extended lifespan for the roof.

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If your industrial roof is displaying signs of wear and tear, and you don’t want to buy a completely new system, a roof coating might represent the perfect solution. Another smart benefit to consider is that roof coatings apply directly over your current roof system, so you don’t have to pay to have the previous roof system removed.

You can always count on our team for industrial roof coatings in St Paul, MN and the surrounding cities. To protect your industrial roof and give it another decade of serviceability, call our crew of roofers now at (651) 796-2341!