Dependable Patio Roof Repair

Rooftop Deck

A Covered Patio Represents an Excellent Investment to Better Enjoy Outdoor Space.

Is it finally time to upgrade your business with a rooftop deck, or do you need repair of a patio roof? Being outside is a great way to relax, and thanks to rooftop deck construction or a covered patio, you and your clients or employees can easily enjoy being outside while at the workplace! There are many different materials that can be utilized to create either of these projects, and at Quality Exteriors, Inc., we always aim to please.

Whether you need to repair your business’s patio roof, or if you’re in need of affordable construction of a rooftop deck in St Paul, MN, our crew of experts provides the service you require. To find out more about the services we provide, give our roof experts a call at (651) 796-2341 and request an appointment!

Aluminum Rooftop Deck & Patio Roofs

Rooftop Deck

In the Absence of Outdoor Space, Rooftop Decks Are an Excellent Investment.

There are plenty of varying materials that can be used, but aluminum is still to be considered a top performer for rooftop decks and patio roofs. Many roofing materials need a large amount of maintenance, but aluminum roofing is different, and requires very little. When you install an aluminum rooftop deck, you can depend on the aluminum to efficiently defend the roofing below. Mold and termites are frequently the death of outdoor installations, but aluminum is not susceptible to either, and is also resistant to corrosion.

If you require patio roof repair more often than you would prefer, building a patio roof made with aluminum might be the ideal solution! Speak with one of our professionals prior to adding a rooftop deck if you’d like to hear about your other options for materials and installation!

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If you own a business, the creation of an exterior space can really improve the atmosphere. Investing in a rooftop deck is expensive at first, but pays off later on, especially if your yard does not supply enough space for a patio. Patios are more common and less expensive, but can cut into yard space. We have plenty of experience in patio roof and deck construction, so contact us now at (651) 796-2341 if you want the cost-effective installation of a rooftop deck in St Paul, MN!