EPDM Roofing Installation & Repair

EPDM Roofing

EPDM Roofing Offers Flexible, Resilient Protection for Your Commercial Structure.

Single ply membranes stand as an excellent choice for commercial roofing. Affordable and durable, these roof systems install quickly and come with a host of assorted benefits. EPDM roofing represents one of the most popular commercial roof selections. Also known as rubber roofing, EPDM offers few seams and excellent flexibility. At Quality Exteriors, Inc., we are your local experts for all needs with an EPDM roof.

The secret to our success comes from the quality of our roofers and materials. In both cases, we use only the best to provide premier service for our clients. For commercial clients especially, we recognize and appreciate the value of your investment. For a roofer who will provide optimized installation of EPDM roofing in St Paul, MN, look no further than Quality Exteriors, Inc.. To learn more, call us today at (651) 796-2341.

Reasons to Choose EPDM Roofing

EPDM Roofing

An EPDM Roof Resists Cracks from Exposure to Ozone and UV Rays.

All single ply membranes offer an affordable and fast solution for commercial roofing needs. Specific membranes come with their own sets of benefits, however. EPDM roofing, in particular, has a host of qualities that make it an excellent choice for your commercial structure.

As a fully-adhered system that uses an acrylic, water-based bonding adhesive for quick and cost-effective installation, you can’t beat EPDM. This material is ideally suited for irregular roof and building configurations, as well as steeply sloped commercial roofs, thanks to its solvent-based adhesive. Simplicity and versatility make EPDM roofing systems faster and easier to install, which saves you money on the cost of labor.

Strength: EPDM boasts some of the highest tensile strength available in roofing systems today. This single-ply roofing system is ideal for long-term, watertight integrity. Ideally suited for new construction or reto-fit systems due to its lightweight composition, EPDM adds the least amount of weight as possible to an existing roof deck.

Flexibility: EDPM membranes remain highly flexible in hot and cold temperatures. This means that, as temperatures cause your roofing material to expand or contract, it will not crack or split.

Long Lifespan: EPDM provides superior resistance against deterioration from ozone and ultraviolet rays, and will provide decades of service even in extremely hot or cold climates.

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Our team of expert roofers stands ready to provide you with quality service on your commercial roof. If you need installation or repair of EPDM roofing in St Paul, MN, call Quality Exteriors, Inc. today at (651) 796-2341. The quality of our work speaks for itself, and we look forward to providing you with exceptional service.