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Copper Roof

Copper Provides a Highly Attractive Option in Metal Roofing.

Are you looking for a metal roof system with exceptional resiliency, timeless style, and an impressive lifespan? Copper roofing has been used for decades, and is usually thought to be the greatest looking option on the market. Homeowners who want to increase their home’s property value frequently pick copper roof installations as a guaranteed way to boost curb appeal. At Quality Exteriors, Inc., we represent your local source for the installation and maintenance of this attractive material.

We generally recommend the use of copper roofing for details such as cupolas, turrets, or roofing over bay windows. However, we’ll happily discuss and explore your options to use this material in any way you please. We’re here to assist you with copper roof installation services, as well as the dependable repair of a copper roof in St Paul, MN and the nearby area. If you have any inquiries about the services we can offer at Quality Exteriors, Inc., give us a ring at (651) 796-2341!

Copper Roof Cost And Value

Copper Roof

The Appearance of Copper Will Evolve Dramatically as it Ages.

The general copper roof price will be more expensive than a typical metal roof, simply because copper roofing is a premium option. However, you can also rely on a copper roof installation to bring more value to the table, especially over time. Copper is a high-grade natural metal that will keep up to 95% of its value, in case you ever need to have it taken off and scrapped!

These roof systems are recognized for more than good looks, and can stand up to wind, hail, and other severe weather issues. The durability of a copper roof actually makes repair services fairly uncommon. Heavy metal roof systems can sometimes require the construction of additional structural support, but lightweight copper roofs do not need any extra help. Copper roofing even ages wonderfully, and becomes more striking as the years pass.

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A brand new copper roof installation is sure to give your house a striking appearance that lasts down through the years. The unwavering durability of this material stands as an excellent secondary benefit. Of course, if unforeseen circumstances have somehow managed to damaged your prized roof system, you can count on our team to supply you with dependable repair of a copper roof in St Paul, MN and the nearby area. Call our crew at (651) 796-2341 today to begin service or learn more.