Affordable Snap Lock Metal Roofing

Snap Lock Metal Roofing

Snap Lock Metal Works Especially Well on Lower-Sloped Roofs.

If you have decided you need a metal roofing system, and are considering standing seam metal roofing, there are several options on the market. We supply both snap lock as well as mechanical lock panels here at Quality Exteriors, Inc., along with a variety of other commercial roof options. Standing seam metal roofs offer exceptional defense, with the added perk of minimal maintenance. Though the two are equally resilient, they do possess varying installation requirements, and were designed for opposite roofing types. To figure out which kind of snap lock metal roofing in St Paul, MN is right for your roof, contact us at (651) 796-2341 now!

The Benefits of a Snap Lock Metal Roof

Snap Lock Metal Roofing

Snap Lock Metal Seals at the Seams for Exceptional Protection Against Water.

One of the fantastic things about standing seam metal roofing is that it’s a great option for commercial and residential structures alike. As the name indicates, snap lock metal panels easily interlock and seal by snapping into one another along the seams. In general, snap lock metal roofing is only recommended for roof systems with a low slope. For a steeply sloped roof, you will want to install mechanical lock panels.

Regardless of the installation method you pick, the natural reflective qualities of metal provide your building with improved UV protection, which supplies you with improved energy efficiency and lower heating and cooling costs. A standing seam snap lock metal roof is the perfect choice if you want a speedy and effective metal roof installation for your commercial or residential structure.

Snap Lock Metal Roofing

These roofing systems endure for a very long time, and because of this durable performance, present a fairly costly upfront installation. Snap lock metal roofing is well worth the investment, however. With a lifespan of 40 years, these roofs actually save money in the long run. They additionally present few requirements for maintenance and repairs. Since single ply membrane roofs only last about 20 years, you should account for the price of two traditional roofs if you’re comparing costs with metal roofing.

For the quality installation of a snap lock metal roof, trust the professional team at Quality Exteriors, Inc.. We stand ready now to answer any questions you may have, and can additionally schedule a consultation. Request service for standing seam snap lock metal roofing in St Paul, MN now by contacting our experts at (651) 796-2341!