Fascia and Soffit Repair and Installation

Soffit Repair

Fascia Protects the Edge of Your Roof from Water and Pest Invasion.

Many elements of your roof work together to provide secure protection for your home. Two lesser known components, soffit and fascia, both play indispensable roles. Your soffit exists to bridge the gap between your roof and home, and provides for the quality ventilation of your attic. Fascia is the band of material that covers the ends of your rafters and provides a place to install gutters. At Quality Exteriors, Inc., we are your local experts for fascia and soffit repair, installation, and maintenance.

We have a fully-trained, insured, and experienced team ready to dispatch for your roofing and home exterior needs. When we take on a job, we never consider it finished until we have exceeded each and every one of your expectations. This quality of service applies equally to our services with fascia and soffit repair in {nw_data field=seo_city}, {nw_data field=state}. To learn more or schedule service for your home, call us today at (651) 796-2341.

How Soffit and Fascia are Vital to Your Home

Soffit Repair

Soffit Allows for the Ventilation of Your Attic, Which Controls Humidity and Prevents the Growth of Mold.

Running along the edge of your roof is where you’ll find the fascia. It also serves as the base upon which you install gutters. The soffit is the material that bridges the line between your siding and roof line. Soffit sustains optimal ventilation for your attic, while fascia provides protection for the outer edge of your roof. Both of these are essential to your roof’s health, while their good repair has a dramatic impact on your home’s appearance.

Routine maintenance is the best way to guarantee that your roof and all its components remain in good operating condition. Luckily, your fascia is especially easy to check every couple of months. Look for areas that sag, have missing panels, or present signs of nesting activity from birds and other pests. Make sure that you remove any type of debris and keep your gutters clean to prevent any chance of rotted fascia. For your soffit, a raised energy bill or moisture that’s found in your attic may provide an evident sign that you need a repair.

Fascia and Soffit Repair

You can rely on the experts at Quality Exteriors, Inc. when you need effective fascia and soffit repair in St Paul, MN. For superior service that won’t break the bank, we’re the company you can turn to. Make sure that you call us today at (651) 796-2341 to talk to our roofing experts!