Ice Dam Repair Services

Ice Dam Repair

We Offer Full Service for Ice Dam Repair, and Can Also Treat the Underlying Causes.

Ice dam repair becomes necessary when ice that forms across the edge of a roof prevents the drainage of melting snow. Snow must be present on the roof, and the upper elevation of the roof slope must rise above freezing, while the lower portion remains below. The snow on the upper portion of the roof begins to melt, but refreezes as it approaches the edge. As the water freezes, it creates a dam that catches water. The water then begins to seep under roofing shingles, and finds it way into the interior of your home.

At Quality Exteriors, Inc., we represent your area solution to issues of ice damming. We can not only repair the damages caused through ice damming, but can provide a solution for current dams and prevent their recurrence in the future. If you suspect an ice dam on your roof, make sure to call us before it accomplishes major damage. We will happily perform ice dam repair in St Paul, MN and the surrounding areas, so call us today at (651) 796-2341.

Warning Signs of Ice Damming

Ice Dam Repair

Icicles Can Provide an Important Indication of the Presence of an Ice Dam.

Ice dams can turn into a serious problem responsible for damage every winter. If not quickly addressed, an ice dam can deteriorate both your roof and home interior. Ice damming is considered a weather-related event, so repairs can usually be covered by your insurance. This aside, it’s important to know the following warning signs so you can call for ice dam repair.

  • A think blanket of snow that looks like a snow drift will appear at the lower portion of your roof, while snow at the upper portion remains thin or melted.
  • Visible shingles on your roof where snow has melted, while other areas still have snow.
  • The accumulation of icicles on the lower edge of your roof.
  • Icicles on attic ventilation components like roof vents or attic fans.
  • Ice or icicles present on or in soffit ventilation areas.
  • Ice on the front edge of the gutter system.
  • Ice in the space between the fascia and gutters.
  • Ice on the exterior walls of the home, especially on the northern side.
  • Ice formation on or around exterior doors or windows.
  • Water leakage through door or window frames.

Call Us Today for Ice Dam Repair

For any needs with ice dam repair in St Paul, MN, we represent the local experts. We understand the threat that an ice dam presents, and always make sure to respond quickly to calls for service. At Quality Exteriors, Inc., we’ve got you covered for any roof repair issue you might have. To learn more or schedule service, call us today at (651) 796-2341.