Installation of Architectural Shingles

Architectural Shingles

Architectural Shingles Offer Heightened Durability and Design Potential.

An important advancement for modern roofing appeared with the formulation of architectural shingles. Superior design capacities stand as just one advantage of these shingles, which are a distinct product totally different from standard asphalt shingles. Quality Exteriors, Inc. heartily advocates for architectural shingles as a superior answer for just about anyone that need a new roofing system for their home or business. These shingles improve a great deal from peerless installation, which we offer at Quality Exteriors, Inc..

As a superior option for general efficiency in a roof material, it is hard to find better than these shingles. Held up to traditional shingles, the architectural type additionally comes with heightened longevity. An interested party can always reach us at (651) 796-2341 to discuss questions or set up work in St Paul, MN.

Why You Should Consider Architectural Shingles

Architectural Shingles

Also Known as Composition Shingles, Architectural Roofing Benefits from Superior Construction.

A home and homeowner can gain copious benefits from an architectural shingle roof. If you pick a roofing material from Quality Exteriors, Inc., you should count on knowing all the advantages that it brings. Should you go with an architectural shingle roof, you can rely on the subsequent points of profit for your house.

Cost: The price of architectural shingles comes in lower than cedar shakes or slate shingles, which means it is relatively reasonable for a luxury option. When considered against standard shingles, architectural shingles have improved durability to offset the increased expenditure. The lessened upkeep and rare necessity of replacement permits architectural shingles to compensate over time for the added expense of installation.

Durability: Longevity issues may take place with your average shingle roofs, since they usually just have one blanket of material installed on the decking. Architectural shingle roofs have multiple layers made from a refined, stronger asphalt. While average shingles only get rated for gusts of wind up to 80 mph, the architectural type can withstand gusts up to 120 mph.

Appearance: With a 3D look that can mimic cedar shake or slate roofs, these shingles also are available in a large array of styles and colors to customize the appearance of your home. Architectural shingles also need less maintenance than standard roof choices.

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The selection of material for a new roof has a pronounced impact on the cost of installation. Increased durability and greatly-minimized service needs allow architectural shingles to compensate for their raised cost. We are prepared anytime at (651) 796-2341 to explain more about architectural shingles and their benefits. Quality Exteriors, Inc. sets the bar for the application of architectural shingles in St Paul, MN.