Is Aluminum Siding For You?

Aluminum Siding

Though No Longer the Standard, Aluminum Siding Can Still Render an Attractive Exterior.

Aluminum siding once represented the premier option for the furnishing of a home’s exterior. Today, however, the benefits of aluminum are more situational, and based around the location of the home. For example, the corrosion resistance of aluminum makes it an excellent choice for siding near coastal areas. Aluminum also has good insulating properties, which can make it a fine choice for colder climates. At Quality Exteriors, Inc., we can provide for the expert installation or repair of aluminum siding in St Paul, MN.

For most homes, aluminum no longer represents the best material for siding. Better options exist for homeowners to consider when replacing old siding or installing it on a new house. If you continue to hold interest in aluminum, there are several things to consider before moving forward. For solid advice in regards to your choice of siding, or to schedule repairs for existing aluminum siding, give the experts at Quality Exteriors, Inc. a call today at (651) 796-2341.

Existing Aluminum Siding? Repair or Replace?

Aluminum Siding

We Are Your One-Stop Source for the Service of Aluminum Siding.

If you already have aluminum siding, you likely know that it tends to fade and become chalky as it ages. This makes it a challenge to match colors when you need a repair or partial replacement. Though not as big of a deal on the sides or rear, mismatched siding on the front will drastically lower your home’s curb appeal. Another challenge comes with matching your existing siding by manufacturer. Older aluminum products may no longer be available, so you’ll have to settle for either an approximate match or total replacement.

If faced with the prospect of not finding a match for your siding, you’ll have to decide on whether to make repairs anyway, or start to think about a completely new siding job. Repairing aluminum can be a challenge in and of itself, as dents, scratches and color fading become problematic when conducting the work.

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Better alternatives to aluminum siding now exist. Steel and vinyl siding both offer a range of benefits and ease of maintenance that make them preferred, modern choices. Aluminum still remains widespread, however, and Quality Exteriors, Inc. will gladly cater to your needs with aluminum siding in St Paul, MN. To learn more about our siding options or schedule services for any exterior work, reach out to us today at (651) 796-2341.