Roof Deck & Sheathing Protection

Roof Decking

An Underlayment Will Protect Your Decking from Damage and Moisture.

Roofing underlayment is one of the critical components of a roofing system, as it helps protect against mold growth and rotting roof decking boards. Unlike regular asphalt underlayment or roof felt, Quality Exteriors, Inc. offers a high performance roof underlayment solution to protect against the penetration of moisture. We also offer a full selection of roof deck repairs and installation services, so trust us with any issues you might have.

Upgrading to a superior underlayment helps protect your roofing investment for many years to come. It also promises a superior and long-lasting service life for your roof. High performance roof deck protection products feature durable synthetic construction, and work well with roof leak barriers and shingles. We only work with superior products, so you can count on our repair, installation, or service of roof decking in St Paul, MN. If you have any questions or service needs, make sure to call us at (651) 796-2341.

Roof Decking Protection

Roof Decking

The GAF FeltBuster Offers a Superior Solution for Your Underlayment Needs.

Our roof deck protection acts as a non-absorbent, secondary roofing system with an integrated water-shedding barrier. It also has a unique bottom surface that reduces the chance for tears that cause roof leaks. As compared to other asphalt-based roof underlayments, “felt” can be exposed to UV for up to 6 months, and features pre-printed nailing patterns and overlap lines to help speed the installation process. It also comes with a 30-year limited warranty when installed with a complete integrated roofing system.

Most shingle manufacturers offer underlayments designed to decrease the chance of moisture penetrating your roofing system. Moisture that penetrates your roof can begin to deteriorate your substrate or decking. Quality Exteriors, Inc. is a certified GAF roofing installer, and we prefer to offer our clients the GAF FeltBuster roof deck protection, a synthetic underlayment that provides superior service.

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If you want premier protection for your roof, you will pay attention to the needs of your roof decking. At Quality Exteriors, Inc., we stand as your full-service solution for the repair, replacement, or improvement of roof decking in St Paul, MN. Though these vital components of your roof often get forgotten or treated with inferior materials, we take seriously the importance of underlayments and roof decking. For total roof care for your home or business, call (651) 796-2341 today.