Hail Damage Inspections

Hail Damage Roof Inspection

Hail Damage Is Most Apparent on Your Roof’s Soft Metal Components.

When your home or business has gone through a hail storm, its rare that the roof is the only part that sustains damage. As a matter of fact, if the storm was severe enough to cause damage to your roofing, it most likely caused damage around your property. While you may have requested that your insurance company inspect your roof for hail damage, the inspection process should evaluate your property as a whole.

For an independent hail damage roof inspection in St Paul, MN, call your local experts at (651) 796-2341. Quality Exteriors, Inc. will comprehensively evaluate your roof as support for an insurance claim, or for personal peace of mind. We work hard to help our clients in any way necessary, including the insurance claim process.

What to Expect from a Hail Damage Roof Inspection

Hail Damage Roof Inspection

Hail Can Damage Not Only Your Roof, but Also Your Gutters and Other Outside Elements.

One of the first things a competent insurance adjuster will do is inspect the perimeter of your home for collateral damage. The adjuster should closely inspect areas such as window screens, gutters and downspouts, exterior decks, windows sashes, siding, and any exterior elements that are finished with aluminum metal wrapping. Additionally, collateral damage can be found on lawn furniture, decorations, exterior doors, and air-conditioning units.

Your insurance adjuster should begin the roof inspection by visually inspecting soft metal components of the roofing system. These may include aluminum roofing vents, and metal flashing around roof penetrations such as pipes and chimneys. Soft metal will almost always show damage from hail, and serves to indicate that the roof has some level of damage. Depending on the roofing materials, your insurance adjuster should then look for dents, punctures, broken glass, cracks, and spatter marks.

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The roof inspection is usually the most critical part of the overall insurance inspection process for hail damage. Roofing systems protect the rest of your home, and if your roof sustains hail damage, it can jeopardize the interior. At Quality Exteriors, Inc., we can supplement the adjuster’s inspection with one of our own. Through this, we can either corroborate the adjuster’s report, or find damage that was missed. You can additionally submit our inspection to bolster your insurance claim.

For a hail damage roof inspection in St Paul, MN, call (651) 796-2341 for the local experts at Quality Exteriors, Inc.. We specialize in hail damage inspections and repairs, and look forward to your project.