Myths and Facts About Hail Insurance Claims


If You Need Any Hail Damage Repair Whatsoever, Make Sure to File an Insurance Claim.

MYTH #1: My roof did not contain apparent damage after the hailstorm.

FACT: A trained technician must determine whether or not hail damage exists. Insurance companies always make sure adjusters have received appropriate training.

MYTH #2: I’ve not lost any shingles, so I must not need hail damage repair.

FACT: Absent shingles are caused by damage from the wind, and only take place with a hailstorm if winds are severe. Additionally, absent shingles are not required as criteria for hail damage to roofs.

MYTH #3: I have just a single year to file a hail damage insurance claim.

FACT: Insurance companies often do have a one-year limit for the filing of an insurance claim. However, the insurance company may extend the filing date in the event of a wide geographical dispersion of the storm.

MYTH #4: My roof is new, so it’s covered by a warranty.

FACT: Manufacturers specifically exclude damage from hail from their warranties, as do builders and contractors.

MYTH #5: I was told my roof has little in the way of hail damage, so I shouldn’t bother with an insurance claim.

FACT: If your roofing has suffered any damage at all, you have a legitimate claim and ought to file with your insurance. Damage from hail could cause your roof to fail years in the future.

Hail Damage Repair

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MYTH #6: My insurance has said that they will only pay to repair damaged sections of the roof.

FACT: Generally speaking, this may or may not be the case. Some circumstances, however, will absolutely require the replacement of your roof.

MYTH #7: My insurance adjuster denied my claim. Now I’m just out of luck.

FACT: Even if an insurance company denies your claim, you can usually request a second inspection. Check with your policy and state to make sure what you can do.

MYTH #8: My insurance company could cancel my policy if I were to file a claim for hail damage repair.

FACT: Most states disallow insurance companies from the cancellation of a policy due to a claim of severe weather.

MYTH #9: If I file a claim, I could see higher rates from my insurance company.

FACT: While an insurance company may raise rates after a storm, they cannot individually raise your rate. If you don’t file a claim, a rate increase will help to pay for every insured roof that was damaged, except yours.