Roof Insurance Claim Assistance

Roof Insurance Claim

Our Team Will Help with Any Aspect of the Insurance Claim Process.

Searching for assistance with your roof insurance claim in St Paul, MN? Roof damage insurance claims are one of the most overwhelming and bewildering aspects of home-ownership for many people. These proceedings can be stressful and tough, leading you to consider any and all damage prior to filing to ensure it is worth the inconvenience. This can lead to hail and storm damage being left unrepaired, allowing for even more damage. Quality Exteriors, Inc. is the one to contact for your roof damage insurance claims needs. The roof inspection services we supply aid you in assessing your roofing after the storm has moved on. Our roofing contractors define your options for roof system repair after a complete inspection of your roof for all damage. The existing damage, if noteable and major, will be suggested to be filed as roof damage insurance claims. Our damage report can help as a piece of your documentation when you are collaborating with your insurance company for repair.

Of course, we are always ready to complete repairs and replacement on your roof system. Get started on your roof damage insurance claims with the roof insurance claims professionals. Contact (651) 796-2341 today! Because we care about our clients, we strive to make sure that their interests are protected throughout the insurance process. Though the insurance adjuster does its own inspection, there is always a good chance we can find trouble they missed. Even when the damage inflicted on your roofing doesn't seem clearly obvious, call our company for a review after a major storm. Our team can not only render the initial review that assists with your claim, we can help you throughout the entire claim.

Process of a Roof Insurance Claim

Roof Insurance Claim

The Inspection from Your Adjuster Will Help Determine the Amount You Receive for Repairs.

Prior to filing roof damage insurance claims, you may be amazed to hear that a roofing inspection from a roofing company can help! Scheduling a date for your insurance adjuster to inspect your roofing system is the first part of the filing process for many people. Adjusters investigate the damage to find the essential repairs for the roofing insurance claim. Having paperwork from a roofing contractor’s inspection will allow you to know all of the present damage before the adjuster comes out. Our inspection can also double as additional documentation for filing.

The roofing company information and the inspection summary can be included in your documentation when you send it to the adjuster. Before and after photographs of your roof are also important to send in for visible evidence of damage. After assessment, your adjuster will give you their damage report based on their own assessment and the forwarded proof. You will receive two checks: the first is posted with your damage report to begin your repairs and the second will be dispatched once repairs are concluded and the insurance company gets an invoice.

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Quality Exteriors, Inc. roofing contractors are certified professionals available to aid you with your roof damage insurance claims. We can help you navigate this stressful situation, and will supply service for you no matter where you are in the process. For all of your needs with a roof insurance claim in St Paul, MN and the surrounding area, give Quality Exteriors, Inc. a call at (651) 796-2341!